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Hello Im Skylar! :3 Empty Hello Im Skylar! :3

Post  Skylar the Cat on Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:46 pm

Um, hello! My name is Luna, but I go by Skylar.
Im a young furry, but have been interested in it sense I was in 6th grade! I am a girl, my name kinda suggests that already :3 I enjoy pokemon, anime, art, sculpting, and writing ^.=.^ On to my fursona though!

Name: Skylar Creed
Age: 19
Birthday: October 31st (1995)
Species: Korat (thats a cat)
Gender: Male
Picture: (im kinda on a ds right now, so its gotta wait >.<)
Bio: Skylar was a laboratory experiment between the governmnt, and a top ranking science university. Their goal? Fuse the DNA of a cheeta with that of man to gain its speed attribute, and many others so they started simply with housecats. (If you want to know more details ask its long). From this experiment skylar was born, fleeing from the government.
Likes: The color green, chasing/hugging his tail, piercings (ears only), his fishy t-shirt, helping those in need
Dislikes: meat (his a vegetarian!), bullies, people pulling his tail, needles
Extra:-Hes slowly loosing hes hearing in one ear -He only actually wears a t-shirt

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